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Luxxeen Productions Inc. has developed cost-effective, high-quality, innovative wipe and tissue products and we have the experience and capacity to meet customers’ needs. Our main priorities remain customer service and quality. Luxxeen Productions Inc. is dedicated to the main core of the business which is developing our own brand of baby wipes, wet wipe, and facial tissue products.

Luxxeen Productions Inc provides a service second to none in the form of private label manufacturing. Our production facilities in the United States and Canada are rigorously inspected and accredited by many major US and Canadian retailers and brands. We have achieved accreditation to manufacture private label products for many of these for distribution throughout the US and Canada. We are keen to work with you to develop custom private label solutions for baby wipe, wet wipe and facial tissue requirements among others.

We are constantly monitoring the marketplace and looking for ways to improve our product offering, whether it means modernizing the packaging or developing our formulations to meet new customer demands.
By choosing Luxxeen you can be sure that you are supporting both American and Canadian jobs and helping the North American economy.

Luxxeen vision

To be a continuously growing as a world-class paper-making company we have:
  • Harness our growth potential and sustain profitable growth.
  • Deliver high-quality and cost-competitive products and be the first choice to our customers.
  • Create an inspiring work environment to unleash the creative energy of people.
  • Achieve excellence in enterprise management.
  • Be a respected corporate citizen, ensure a clean and green environment and develop vibrant communities around us.

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Luxxeen founders and owners

Luxxeen Mission

Our mission at Luxxeen Production is to persistently improve on offerings. We provide high quality products that merge excellence with high value pricing, while establishing a flourishing association with our customers.

We at Luxxeen pride ourselves on excellence and we have a passion for what we do. We make sure everything we do honors that connection – from our commitment to the highest quality paper in the world to the way we engage with our customers and communities to do business responsibly.

Customers are at the center of everything we do – and that is reflected in our company’s vision and values. While our vision defines our destination, our core values serve as our roadmap, guiding our actions for the benefit of all of our associates.

Luxxeen Production Owners




We have adopted a total quality management (TQM), which gives us an edge over other competitors. We have been actively involved in manufacturing and exporting facial tissue, napkin and other cellulose products.

Some of the salient features of quality control assurance are:

  • Procure high grade raw materials from renowned vendors in the market.
  • Use of advanced machine tools for the manufacturing
  • Different quality checks on various quality parameters
  • A well and high quality  packaging material to protect our products.

At Luxxeen, we offering True Quality and Best Value which is not just a slogan, but the very essence of our product line –

  • All napkin and toilet roll products are generally manufactured in 15-18 gsm tissue paper. Luxxeen sticks to more substantive standard of 18-20 gsm tissue paper. What you get in each pull Luxxeen products is more content and therefore more cleaning and absorbing power
  • Luxxeen makes it tissue paper in house, so you always get the right tissue paper for each application With Luxxeen, you will never face the problem of clogged sewer line (due to non disintegrating toilet papers) or fiber getting stuck to your food when in you wrap it in the kitchen towel etc.
  • With Luxxeen , you are completely assured of right content in each pack that you buy. Automatic counters installed in our converting machinery ensures that you always get the correct number of pulls in our products.


We are committed to conducting our business in a responsible manner and taking into account the social, environmental and economic impacts of our actions.

Our objective is to contribute to people’s wellbeing through our products and practices. We strive to minimise the environmental impacts of our operations as well as to ensure both our own and our business partners’ long-term business success.

We adhere to a set of detailed principles defining our commitment to corporate responsibility, and we openly monitor and report on our progress in this arena in the Luxxeen annual report.  This enables us to:

  • Identify, assess and manage risks to our employees, contractors, the environment and communities
  • Strive to achieve leading industry best practice
  • Reduce environmental impacts by placing an emphasis on using renewable and recyclable resources
  • Continuously improve operations
  • Reduce and prevent pollution
  • Meet, and where appropriate exceed, applicable legal requirements and other relevant environmental requirements
  • Support the fundamental human rights of our employees and the communities where we operate

Environment-friendly innovations

We do our best to minimize the resources we consume for manufacturing processes and to respect the planet we live in. To achieve this objective, we all give priority to be a part of a work process with better quality and sensitive to the environment at all times.

Recycling Saves Trees

The biggest benefit of using recycled paper products comes from not having to cut down the trees in our forests to make new paper. If every household in the North America replaced just one package of virgin paper tissue with Green products, the savings would be impressive!

paper tissue with Green Forest, the savings would be impressive!

If every household in the North America replaced just…

We could save…

One package of virgin fiber toilet paper (12 rolls, 352 sheets, 2-ply)
with one package of Green Forest toilet tissue
5,638,800 trees
One package of virgin fiber paper towels (3 rolls, 104 sheets, 2-ply)
with one package of Green Forest paper towels
1,921,200 trees
One box of virgin fiber facial tissues (175 sheets, 2-ply)
with one box of Green Forest facial tissues
835,300 trees
One package of virgin fiber paper napkins (250 count, 1-ply)
with one package of Green Forest paper napkins
1,580,100 trees


Luxxeen production is manufacturing tissue paper, facial tissue boxes, toilet rolls kitchen towels, and other cellulose products. under its well known brands Luxxeen.

In the consumer channels, Luxxeen production is present in major Canadian markets with the Luxxeen® brand, thanks to its wide range of facial tissue boxes, toilet paper, multi-purpose absorbent paper, paper napkins, and tissue paper.

The range of innovative products, featuring an excellent quality/quantity-price ratio, together with a targeted communication activity, has allowed for continuous customer loyalty with considerable results.
Facial Tissues

Facial Tissues

At Luxxeen production , we strive to provide our customers with disposable paper products that are convenient and hygienic. To this end, we manufacture a range of facial tissues for everyday use.

Our Luxxeen 2-ply facial tissues are ideal for everyday use. These tissues are strong, soft and absorbent and are gentle on the delicate skin around noses. Luxxeen Facial Tissues are available in packs of 125 in either plastic packaging or boxes. Our facial tissues are hygienic and disposable and help prevent the spread of germs.

Luxxeen Econo Tissue’s range is supplied to the away-from-home market, including fast-food restaurants. Our serviettes are plain white and are available as 1- or 2-ply variants. Our tissues are made from high quality wood pulp which ensures that our serviettes are always super-absorbent. Our clients can buy boxes of 126 ,200 or 300 sheets.

Facial Tissues

Toilet Paper

Toilet Paper

Luxxeen supplies a wide range of toilet paper products for your convenience. From virgin toilet tissue to recycled toilet paper, Luxxeen strives to provide our customers with the widest range of toilet paper for commercial and domestic use.

Our Luxxeen range of virgin toilet paper is made from only the best wood pulp taken from sustainable forests. This means that our tissue product provides softness and comfort to the whole family. Luxxeen is available in 1-ply and 2-ply varieties and is available wrapped and unwrapped for your convenience.

Since paper is one of the easiest things to recycle, Luxxeen production has produced our range of recycled toilet tissue. We are committed to keeping unnecessary paper out of our country’s already full landfills.

Toilet Paper

Hand Towels

Hand Towels

Luxxeen production stocks a wide range of paper hand towels. All of our hand towels are only available in 1-ply varieties.

These super-absorbent 1-ply hand towels are ideal for use in industrial kitchens where there is little space available for larger paper hand towel dispensers.These hand towels are suitable for a variety of work environments and the centre feed makes them easy to use and change. These hand towels are suitable for high consumption areas such as washrooms and bathrooms.

The real hand towel is economical, since is dispenses one sheet at a time. These towels are suitable for use in real towel dispensers. The 1-ply hand towels are made of high quality wood pulp and are suitable for high traffic areas such as public toilets in shopping centres or airports.

Hand Towels

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