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Tissue Products

  • Driven by excellence, we strive to deliver products that enhance everyday comfort.

  • Discover our diverse range of paper tissue products, designed for your convenience.

  • Our unwavering commitment to quality ensures products that meet the highest standards

  • At the core of our business, we prioritize sustainability, combining quality with eco-conscious practices



Pcoket Tissue

Pack 10

-Quality virgin paper  

-Sheet size 8.5 in × 8.5 in

-3 Ply
-10 Sheets 

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Facial Tissue

Pack 48

-Quality virgin paper  

-Sheet size 8 in × 8 in
-2 Ply
-126 Sheets


Bathroom Tissue

Pack 80 & 96

-Quality virgin paper  

-Septic safe
-1 ply or 2 Ply
-253-1000 Sheets 

Get to Know Us

"Discover our company's rich history, mission, and commitment to delivering quality paper tissue products and private labeling services."

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